June 11 - July 9, 2017



“If you come in expecting plenty of good (guilty) laughs rather than some kind of fresh perspective on the novel, “Withering Heights” might be just your ticket — and you have to admire the sheer comic energy of its two writer-performers.”

- James Hebert, The San Diego Union Tribune

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“Mayhem, delirious mania, split-second character changes and two tour de force performances.…you’ve got to marvel at Schein’s insanely gifted malleability of face, voice, accent and gender, not to mention his agile physicality. And Johnson’s inherent wackiness and mastery of humor, anger and canine impersonation.”

- Pat Launer, Times of San Diego

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“…bold performances in a sweet tribute to the characters you love.

Johnson and Schein excel in over-the-top melodramatic comedy, giving all of their characters distinctive physicalities to help tell them apart. Cross-dressing, exaggerated voices, and physical idiosyncrasies add to the fun and help elucidate plot.”

- Milo Shapiro, Stage and Cinema

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Just at the “edge of crazy” is one of the funniest, liveliest shows currently running in San Diego.  Fall-out-of-your-seat hilarious. Withering Heights brings Emily Bronte’s novel, Wuthering Heights, to life like never before!  It is a hoot! Exercising expertly crafted comic change ups, impeccable timing, razor sharp wit -with fall on your face English farce - this two man/woman show is a non-stop laugh fest.

- Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal, Village News

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“Don’t miss the wild and crazy show.”

- Jean Lowerison, SDGLN

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“Suffice to say, both men are deliciously and decidedly coo coo. For some summer madness this one might just end up being the Pièce de Résistance. Enjoy!”

- Carol Davis, Theatre Critic

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"Ellenstein and the writers/stars continue a promising opening season for Roustabouts with an enjoyably ridiculous parody. Whether you love, hate or haven’t read the book, you can still get a lot of laughs from Johnson and Schein."

- David Dixon,

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April 19 - May 7, 2017



“Roustabouts' Margin of Error.. Topical, taut...thoughtful and absorbing new drama”


"Rosina Reynolds keeps the tension crackling"


“Yeager… a formidable force of nature… his room-filling performance fits the runaway ambition of this Nobel Prize hopeful."


"(Roxane) Carrasco is excellent as Sunita, the play’s moral center, a soft-spoken but ultimately steely heroine"
- James Hebert, San Diego Union Tribune

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“In its world premiere…. Will Cooper’s contemporary drama, Margin of Error, impresses with its well-drawn characters, its pacing, the beauty of its production (directed by Rosina Reynolds) and its capable acting company.”


- Charlene Baldridge, Charlene & Brenda in the Blogosphere

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“An entirely engaging evening of theatre… An auspicious debut. For its initial outing the company has gone first cabin with its creative team. Sean Fanning… Curtis Mueller… Elisa Benzoni… Bonnie Durben.. Melanie Chen...”


- Bill Eadie,




“Yeager is the commanding center of this outstanding production, forcefully directed by Rosina Reynolds. The impeccable ensemble also includes Joel Miller, Kate Rose Reynolds and Roxane Corrasco”.


- Pat Launer, Center Stage Theatre Critic, Jazz 88



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